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Page 2: Let's Get Acquainted

Lexie by flowers

Simba Alexandria Alante'...LEXIE

This is our first Leo we were owned by. Lexie turned 9 years old on  May 17, 2003.  She had 2 litters of wittle weos and was a wonderful mother. She was such a sweet girl, that we soon realized that we couldn't be owned by just one Leo. We decided to keep a male puppy from her first litter. Unfortunately, Lexie was diagnosed with cancer on her spleen in July of 2003.  During surgery to remove her spleen, they discovered that the cancer had also spread to her liver.  Lexie left us with broken hearts and wonderful memories....... Guess I'd better introduce you to Lexie's son...Punkin.

Punkin in yard

Antares of Serengeti...Punkin

Pictured above is Antares. Affectionately known as Punkin. Antares is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio. So, you must realize that Punkin is one very bright Leo! One of the many clever things he does, is to slide the patio door open and let all the dogs out, and Frick too! As a 2 week old puppy, Punkin became seriously ill and we almost lost him. The pups were all identified by colored neckbands. It just so happened that Punkin had an orange neckband, therefore his name. I became so attached to him that I couldn't possibly sell him. He has been my faithful companion for 9 1/2 years now.  Unfortunately, at age 16 months old, Punkin was dignosed with LP/PN (polyneuropathy) at Ohio State University. Punkin is calm, gentlle and has a super sweet personality. We especially love his big cuddly bear head and full lion-like mane. He looks a lot like his dad CH Gustav von der Heckenrose. Be sure to check out the picture pedigree page. Look beneath Punkin! Sadie's all dressed up...wonder why? Place your cursor on the picture to find out.

Punkin says, "Want a Leo lick?"

Sadie's first birthday!