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Page 5: Watch The Pups Grow

It's hard to imagine that it took only 8 short weeks for the helpless, newborn pup weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces to grow into a 24 pound Leo ready to take on the world.

Kelly holding puppy that is just 15 minutes old.
Only 15 minutes old.

Above, you can see Kelly holding a newborn puppy. Notice (picture above right) how much he has grown in 8 weeks! With a litter of 10, the pups were all pretty uniform in size, no runt. Even my vet commented that it was nice to see such a large litter that was sized so uniformly. At about 3 weeks old, I started the pups on a gruel mixture. The photos to your right show Lexie with the pups at 10 days and 2 weeks old. Below those, they can be seen eating their gruel. What a mess that was!

Below are some photos of the pups ranging from 2 1/2 to 8 weeks old. Please place your cursor over the photo for a brief comment.

Sadie keeping a watchful eye on 2 1/2 week old pup.
Puppy & Sadie

First time outside on the patio at 4 1/2  weeks old.

In the pool at 7 weeks old.  Actually, they started climbing into the pool by themselves at 4 weeks.

We're planning on having puppies again we enjoyed them so much! Look on the next page for our breeding plans with Dharma and Merlin...

8 weeks later !
8 weeks later !

Ten days old......Such a hard life!

Lexie with 2 week old pups.

Yummy.......Puppy gruel!  We're getting big now at 3 weeks!


Relaxing in the yard at 5 weeks old.

Going home with proud new owner at 8 weeks.